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  • Solvent-resistant, high temperature filament tape with acrylic adhesive
  • Designed for applications needing both the dielectric strength of polyester film and the high mechanical strength of glass fibres
  • Low stretch, high tensile and edge-tear resistant
  • Excellent for anchoring lead wires to banding coils and end-turn taping
  • UL Listed


The 3M™ Glass Filament Reinforced Adhesive Tape 1139 is a 6.5 mil (0.17 mm) thick, acrylic adhesive, solvent resistant, electrical tape. This tape is suitable for oil and air filled transfer applications and reinforcements, as well as for holding and separating ground insulation. The tape is 600V rated and withstands a temperature range of 32 to 311°F (0 to 155°C).


The 3M™ Glass Filament Reinforced Adhesive Tape 1139 has a pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive that offers firm adherence. This high break strength tape is designed for applications that require both dielectric strength and mechanical strength. Ideal for bundling motor coils and coil covering. UL Listed.

Can be slit to specificed width.

3M 1139 Log Roll


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