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B03224S35 3/8" Banding Tape


  • Rated for Class H Plus (220°C)
  • B-stage Product
  • Translucent in Colour
  • 3/8" Wide x 250yd roll


RES-I-GLAS® Banding Tape is constructed of high tensile electrical grade glass yarns laid parallel and bonded with fully catalyzed thermosetting resins. This is not a woven tape and thus it utilizes the full tensile strength of the glass. This results in a high tensile, high modulus, low elongation, high impact strength band. Because RES-I-GLAS® tape is itself an insulation, it requires no underlying insulation pad which eliminates insulation and creepage problems experienced with steel wire banding.

RES-I-GLAS® is offered from stock in four standards, Type R, G, F, and M. Type F RES-I-GLAS® is for use on motors of temperature ranges up to and including Class H Plus (220°C). Type F RES-I-GLAS® has a resin system with a nominal resin content of 27%. Type F represents a significant improvement in quality. Not only can Class H motors be glass banded, but motors of lower thermal ratings will obtain indefinite protection from aging or thermal degradation. Type F RES-I-GLAS® has excellent resin flow characteristics. Armatures can be banded with this tape either hot or cold because of the superior flow characteristics that is possesses. This resin flow also results in greater prestress retention, thereby minimizing coil movement.

B03224S35 3/8" Banding Tape

SKU: 2872


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