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202 Moly Chain - Spray Can

Sprayon LU202 Moly Chain Lubricant is a high viscosity oil that clings to moving parts. Its foaming action penetrates close tolerances of chain drive bushings and pins to provide long-lasting lubrication. LU202 reduces friction wear on moving parts and in metal-to-metal applications. The moly additive improves its capacity to handle greater pressure requirements of start-up stress.



Chain drives & pins, forklift trucks, link & roller assemblies, tractors, machinery, rollers, conveyors, motorcycle & bicycle chains, sprockets, clippers, cutter bars, and chain saws.



  • Moly additive improves load capability
  • Works under extreme pressure
  • Penetrating foaming action
  • Long-lasting and non-drying

202 Moly Chain - Spray Can

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