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271 - 1 Gallon

VRI 271 is a black, fast air drying insulating and finishing varnish used to give an oil-proof, glossy protective coating on electrical equipment. It's quick air drying properties make this insulating varnish very useful in repair work. VRI 271 varnish becomes hard and brittle when baked. VRI 271 varnish offers goof film build, good penetration, and good bonding properties when used with cotton or other porous insulating materials.


VRI 271 varnish is suggested for use as an insulating and finishing varnish on all types of stationary coils and form wound armatures, fields, and coils where flexibility is not required. It is excellent where a fast drying varnish is required for repair work. VRI 271 varnish may be used as a masking or temporary varnish on part to which adhesion of a permanent baked varnish is not desired. It may be applied to bores, and shields, etc. and then air dried prior to treating and baking with a permanent varnish. It can be removed easily with a wire brush or scraper even when coated with several layers of a baking varnish.

271 - 1 Gallon

Von Roll

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